Frenquently Asked Question


Q. How do you set a price on a painting?

A. Short answer: 30 cents per square inch. So a 16×20 paintings would cost 96$.

Long Answer: An artist usually set a “square per inch” calculation for his/her work. A starting artist would settle on something like 1 or 2 dollars, while a more well known one would go for more. I decided to go for 30 cents because of 2 reasons:

1) I paint rapidly and can output a much higher number of artwork than average.

2) I don’t agree with the whole “art’s gotta be pricey” idea.


Q. Can I buy this painting I saw on Facebook even if it’s not on your shop?

A. Everything that I sell is in the shop. If it’s not in the shop, it is either: already sold or will be there in the following days.


Q. I’ve ordered and received a painting but it got damage in the shipping.

A. Contact me via the form on the contact page


Q. I ordered a shirt with your paintings on it but my order’s got problem.

A. I can only help you with original paintings you purchased on my own website (www.eliecollins.ca). You will need to contact the shop from which you bought the printed item from, sorry!



If you have any question, feel free to message me via the form here